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Guest Column - Kimchi Pork Roast

Many families still celebrate pork and cabbage for New Year’s Day. For me, that hasn’t brought good luck yet in 2022, so I became inspired to create something today with simple, local ingredients worthy of luck for all of us.

I think we need to think smaller not bigger. Celebrate what works for us and individuals and satisfies us and those who are special around us. It’s not a matter of nationality or hate, yet if we can satisfy ourselves and those who can join us for a meal, I’m in.

I’m self-taught, an inventor and R&D guy and you’ll never see me own a restaurant or bar. It’s just not me. I’m surely not an expert, I just try hard. Terry and I share a love for food and often, strange experimental cooking. Here we go…


3.5 pounds of quality porkloin roast

Jar of kimchi

Our organic black garlic

A jar of Korean style BBQ sauce

...and that’s pretty much it.

This is a medium on the difficulty scale but the cost is less than $4 per portion, so it might be attractive to many of us.

Ingredients: 3.5# splayed pork tenderloin from BJ’s in Elsmere, about $8. Fresh kimchi from Young’s Asian Market in Elsmere or Wilmington, $3. Organic black garlic from in Wilmington, about $3.

Now for the BBQ sauce, yeah, I did go with Young’s Korean style, because I was lazy today. About $3.

Takes a little trial and error to bunch it all up and tie it off, but not difficult at all.

Sear in a big ass pan with olive oil then roast at 350F for about 25 minutes. I like my pork at 160F but y’all might like it better at 165F. Regardless, baste the roast each 10 minutes with the Korean BBQ sauce. BTW, I like the Bulgogi style, but you shouldn’t care; always use what you want or have.

Cut in thick slices and serve with pan sauce and extra veg. For me, I’ll drizzle some of our new Black Garlic Chili Crunch. Spinach and roasted potatoes are great sides should you wish. Stay tuned.

Love to you all in Olde New Castle. Y’all enjoy something very special.

Patrick W. Lloyd, PhD

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